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In this post we will be discussing some key issues associated with cloud accounting and  bookkeeping habits and our recommendations. The discussion is not intended to be exhaustive but only a small foray into different areas associated with the bookkeeping and accounting process within a small business.

Real time accounting

In the current climate It has never been more important to be on top of your real time financial performance. With inflationary pressures and rising costs continuing to bite having bullet proof financial processes and financial reporting processes will enable you to gather high quality

Making Tax Digital for income tax

This is particularly important for sole traders, partnerships and those in receipt of rental income. It appears many small unincorporated businesses are unaware of the impending requirements to submit quarterly returns to HMRC in the not to distant future ( penciled in for 2024!).

Making tax digital for income tax is not far away and it will become even more important to invest in suitable software to enable you to submit your financial records to HMRC on a quarterly basis accurately.


Make sure you are maximising the functionality of the software and using all the key parts to fully automate key parts of your bookkeeping and record keeping process. If in doubt speak to your accountant.


Make sure all bank accounts, credit card accounts and cash accounts are fully reconciled periodically. As this will have an impact on reports extracted from your cloud accounting system. Clients often overlook the importance of reconciling your Aged receivables, Aged payables and other balance sheet accounts. This can have an impact on the accuracy of your profit and loss reporting.


Use document reading Add-Ons which integrate with your accounting software and ensure these are set up correctly and accurately from the get-go.

Cost control

I have noted on numerous occasions that clients to not pay timely consideration to the monitoring of expenses.

Regular management accounts will enable your accountant to review Key Performance Indicators and spot adverse or favourable trends in business expenditure. In a climate of rising underlying business costs having such informaiton avaialble on a timely basis will enable business owners to reign in overspending and ensure their expenses are being kept within their target budgets.


By improving the way you use your cloud accounting system

  1. You can increase productivity
  2. Receiving meaningful financial accounting informaiton on which you can make key and timely business decisions.
  3. Review your cashflow and cash shortfall on a timely basis, rather then receiving such information many months down the line.
  4. Allow your accountant to provide you value added services as and when needed.

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