Financial Statements

Financial Statements

We know that completing your accounts at the end of the financial year is more than just adding up the numbers. You want to understand how you arrived at that profit. What your on-going costs are and how you can improve things for next year? We take the time to discuss your figures with you, advise you on how to legally minimize your tax implications and assist you with reviewing your business.

Year end accounts report your figures for the past 12 months i.e they are historic. It is therefore always our aim to deliver your accounts quickly, efficiently and correctly as soon as possible after your financial year end.

It is essential to note there are strict deadlines for the filing of Company Accounts and Corporation tax returns. If the deadlines are not meant then there is a filing penalty regime in place

AGA Accountants can prepare Statutory financial statements in line with UK GAAP and Financial Reporting regulations.

It is highly important to ensure accurate and meaningful financial statements are prepared to ensure compliance with statutory regulations and laws.

We offer fixed fee quotations on this service and will be tailored to your requirement.

  • Timely submission of accounts
  • IXBRL Tagging
  • Prepare micro entity accounts
  • Prepare and file Abridged accounts
  • Prepare full accounts
  • Remote cloud based meetings and video calls.
  • Act as your agent for HMRC purposes.

We also produce financial statements for sole traders, partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and landlords. Contact us if you require help in this respect.

We also provide an Accountants report and this provides additional assurance on the financial statements.

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