Aylesbury Accountants : Press release on Scams from HMRC

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AGA Accountants in Aylesbury are advising individuals and families to be vigilante against Tax Credit scams as the deadline for submitting your tax credit claims fast approaches (July 2022).

Sophisticated Scams

The scans are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are often using the current economic climate to deceive individuals that they are due a tax refund!

AGA Accountants based I Aylesbury have advised individuals to Visit HMRC alert here: to find out more:

Click here: HMRS Press release on scammers

Can Accountants help?

Typical accountants   not help with tax credit claims or filling out the necessary forms. Accountants do of course prepare assessment tax calculations and tax returns which will help you come to your income figure for the tax year.  


Please note HMRC will not call you and ask for your perosnal details. You should check your online personal tax account and never provide personal information if you are unsure. If in doubt call HMRC on their official helpline to seek clarification. Never provide your bank details on the phone.

Your government gateway account user ID and password must not be shared with anyone either.

Whats next

Changing accountants is a straightforward process. Leave it to us. We will explain the process.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation with our Managing Director Ahmed Ali ACA FCCA. Contact: 01296 761 516 or 0203 389 9588.

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