AGA Accountants offers a variety of taxation compliance and support services.

  • We can prepare and submit your tax returns electronically.
  • Tax returns can be prepared in a 3 day turn around if required.
  • We can produce SA302s
  • We also provide references for long time clients

Did you know that soon , landlords will have to prepare and file their Capital gains tax computations within 30 days of selling their property! ?

  • Tax reclaims

  • Review Tax code

  • Tax saving advice

  • Uniform rebates

The completion of a personal tax return is one of the most important services completed by an accounting services firm, because it directly impacts on your individual wealth and puts your tax affairs directly into the spotlight with HMRC.

AGA Accountants can provide you with efficient tax compliance services. We assist you through self assessment in the following ways:

  • preparation, completion and submission of personal tax returns to HMRC before the self assessment deadline
  • advising you on your tax liability and due date for payment
  • acting as your professional agents with HMRC
  • supporting you and your business through any aspect or full enquiries into your taxation affairs
  • advising on ways to legally reduce your tax liability
  • Projecting your future tax liabilities

AGA Accountants deal with a number of partnerships, both traditional unincorporated partnerships, and also Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP).

Many businesses will be set up as partnerships, including many professional services firms. There are many benefits to a partnership structure, including the ease with which partners can join and leave the business. In recent times there has been a reduction in tax planning opportunities for partnerships – including tightening of the requirements to qualify as a true partner in a partnership, rather than being treated as an employee in a partnership set up.

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We have extensive experience in assisting sole traders and traditional partnerships in moving into an LLP type model. Many traditional partnerships wish to transfer to LLP status in order to provide greater protection to each individual partner in the practice. This is because of the advantages of Limited liability.

Contact AGA Partners to find out more about partnership tax returns.

AGA Accountants will also prepare your Limited company Tax return, in this respect we can provide following service:

  • Review relevant tax reliefs available to you
  • IXBRL tag your accounts
  • FIle your tax return electronically
  • Produce a full tax compuation
  • Be your Agent for HMRC purposes
  • Advise on payment of taxes and due dates.

Filing tax returns late or producing incorrect tax returns can lead penalties and interest charges.

AGA Partners Accountants , can also help with non resident landlord tax returns.

For those who rent out a property, preparing tax returns and dealing with HMRC can seem a bit of a headache, but one that can be dealt with quickly and efficiently by AGA Partners Accountants.

We have experience preparing rental accounts and tax returns for clients whose interests range from just one rental property within the UK to a portfolio of properties.

Our rental income service for landlords will:

Minimise your tax
Advice you on key tax reliefs available.
Save you time
We will save you time, worry and money by handling your self assessment for you.
Prepare Detailed tax computations and schedules
Prepare rental accounts.

We will advise you on how to keep proper records
We ensure that proper records of your rental income are kept and tax returns filed in with UK tax laws., as even if a profit is not made, a disclosure must still be submitted to HMRC.

Our rental accounts expertise covers:

Residential (furnished and unfurnished)
Furnished holiday lettings.
It is important to  declare your rental income or loss as HMRC are actively seeking out non-disclosure of rental income in order to recover any unpaid taxes.

To talk to us about our rental income service, please contact us to arrange a no obligations meeting.