In difficult economic times the review and management of cashflow becomes even more vital to the continued functioning and survival of any small business.

Cashflow forecasts are an important.

AGA Accountants can produce detailed and tailored cashflow forecast for your business to help you plan new business acquisitions or plan for the year ahead.

AGA Accountants offer extensive remote accounting services. These include Year end accounting and taxation , internal bookkeeping, financial controller and payroll support. We will also help file your VAT returns. AGA Accountants have years of experience in various sectors.


A cashflow forecast can be prepared for only £500 – £750 depending on the complexity of the exercise. We highly recommend   this service for  small growing businesses in challenging times.

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Managing your business cash flow during difficult trading or economic conditions.

Recently with the COVID 19 virus ,this area of business management and finance has become even more important to the function of any small and medium sized enterprise.

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There are some key advice that a business can do to manage and monitor its cashflow on a day to day basis. In advance of issues arising, it is vital to consider certain tactics to ensuring that your business does not suffer a cash crunch

  1. Consider Paying your employees on a monthly basis vs 2 weekly. This will enable you to build up a cash reserve by the end of the month to pay employee wages.
  2. Negotiate payment terms with suppliers
  3. Check the credit worthiness of your customers
  4. Consider setting up payment plans with suppliers for long overdue debts
  5. Reduce discretionary expenditure

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AGA Accountants and Tax Advisors can produce cashflow forecasts tailored to your business. We will highlight key areas of concern and how to overcome these.

It is important to maintain a bank balance that enables you to settle payments as they fall due within the next 1 to 3 months. A healthy bank balance can ascertained once management accounts are produced.

For medium sized organisations cashflow should be monitored on amonthly basis and projections produced.