Doctors and GPs and Locums

Tax Returns

We aim to stay in touch with our clients, communicate fast and efficiently

We will liase with HM Revenue and Customs on all your taxation needs and queries.

We will aim to offer a personal service with a dedicated accountant on a 1 to 1 basis

We will advise you on how and when to pay taxes

We will advise you on how to save taxes and legitimate safe strategies to employ

As experienced and qualified accountants we can provide an efficient service to help Doctors prepare their Tax returns and Year end Accounts if they trade through a Limited company as well.

Changes on the horizon

Doctors, Surgeons and Senior Management are now self employed, and many also have businesses outside of the NHS, this complicates their financial records when submitting separate tax returns and can potentially have implications on their pensions.

Preparing an inaccurate tax return can be headache and lead you to overpaying taxes.

Sole trader Vs Limited

This is one of the key points to consider when being self employed. The route to take depends on a number of factors and needs to be discussed with your accountant. Individual circumstances need to be understood. This is something which Associates and Locums need to consider carefully as well.

Associates also need to consider what their long term goals are. We have often come across associates who with some financial helps have gone on to own their practices or become the principals as well. Being an associate is often seen as flexible and excising career line too with variety and choice of hours too based on what role you apply for.

Experienced in the Medical secetor

AGA Accountants serves numerous Doctors and GPs through the home countries. We have years of exerience in servicing the needs of medical doctors. We can advise on the best structure for managing your tax affairs efficiently. We offer a weekends and evenings service to match the flexible working patterns of doctors and therefore are free to telephone calls outside of traditional office hours.

Make sure you are using the optimal company structure with our  Specialized taxation services to protect your income

Without the right kind of accounting advice, Locum doctors can lose up to 55 percent of their income from taxes, pensions and contributions to national insurance.

We find that many locums who come to us for tax advice and support in unnecessary national insurance contributions pay 40 percent of their income in tax along with £ 1500 each year.

Should your profits be taxed at 20 per cent rather than 40%?

Could you save by dividing your earnings with your spouse or civil partner?

Do you use deferrals to increase your National Insurance payments?

Do you use the right business structure for the way you operate?
Your business should be structured in such a way that these outgoings are best reduced.

Do you spend too much in the premiums to National Insurance?
We receive substantial refunds on an annual basis for many of our locum doctor clients. If you don’t use the right tax codes you’ll likely end up paying too much tax.

Do you have the right tax codes?
One of the big reasons why locum GPs pay too much tax is because they are using the wrong codes.

AGA Accountants  will give you the best advice on how to structure your business (Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Company) for your particular circumstances.

Why us

The Self assessment regieme  is strict and requires accurate and timely compliance. This is likely to become more rigorous in future years as HMRC is considering introducing a quarterly upload system where taxes will be accounted for on a quarterly basis!

It is highly important to ensure the accurate and timely submission of your tax returns.

It is highly important to ensure accurate and meaningful financial statements are prepared to ensure compliance with statutory regulations and laws.

We offer fixed fee quotations on this service and will be tailored to your requirement.

Timely submission of accounts

IXBRL Tagging

Prepare micro entity accounts

Prepare and file Abridged accounts

Prepare full accounts

Prepare full working paper files.

Complimentary half hour meeting

Act as your agent for HMRC purposes.

We provide a comprehensive service for Doctors who work in Practice and Locum Doctors. We can advise on tax efficient company structure and expenses you can claim within the laws. As specialist Medic Accountants AGA Accountants can provide a comprehensive to you. Advising you on all areas of tax relief.

We offer a fixed fee solution, including yearly self assessment tax return and accounts. Support and communication is always part of our service.

If you do working as GP locum work for a “scheme employing authority” within the NHS and are a member of the NHS pension scheme, you must complete Forms ‘GP Locum A’ and ‘GP Locum B’ and make superannuation contributions on the pensionable earnings. theese forms should be submitted on a monthly basis.

Your pensionable earnings are your gross earnings less a 10% deduction for expenses i.e. 90% of your gross NHS locum earnings.

To calculate your superannuation contribution you must also apply the correct superannuation tiered rate (i.e. 7.5% or 8.5%) to your pensionable earnings.

We can help you in ensuring that the correct tiered rate is used.
We can assist you in claiming tax relief in your annual tax return on the superannuation contributions you pay.

Please note that these rules do not apply to:

GP principals carrying out extra sessions or locum sessions within his or her GP practice.
GP locum work undertaken for an organisation which is not a ‘scheme employing authority’.
Out of hours work. However this may be ‘pensioned’ using Form GP Solo.

Cashflow forecast are vital to review the suitability of a business over short and medium time and potential future cash requirements or crash crunches that could occur.

AGA Partners can help you analyse business scenarios, carry out projections and produce cashflow forecasts fro bank funding purposes.

AGA offer a comprehensive outsourced bookkeeing package and will undertake quarterly bookkeeing  service.

VAT support

Cloud accounting

Cloud bookkeeping set up and support

Business advice and budget advice.


Locums, Associates and contractors do not usually require management accounts. However if you have other business interest, we can provide following services:

  • Management Accounts prepared monthly or quarterly
  • Regular up to date information
  • Allows you to make informed decisions

However we offer the following for small businesses:

Quarterly management accounts service

Commentary on accounts

Analysis of Key performance indicating

Profit analysis. Profit margin analysis and review

Expense analysis and commentary.